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Warehouse Marketplace Solutions

Warehouse marketplace solutions are increasingly giving customers opportunities to get more agile warehousing solutions, both in terms of timing and costs. Recent studies suggest that there is a price differential of 41% in quotes from freight forwarders, for the same shipment. LogistCompare offers a  warehouse marketplace platform which supports both the e-commerce & retailer marketplace and provides a secure on-demand marketplace for warehouse providers :For those customers who are looking for on-demand storage space, LogistCompare offers a unique smart warehousing platform, where customers can: 

  • Compare warehouse storage rates at the touch of a button.
  • Get a full logistics cost breakdown with every warehousing pricing quotation. 
  • Book thought our simple and secure booking system.
  • Access seamless communications with on-demand warehouse providers. 
  • Provide instant warehouse reviews.  

For Warehouse space and fulfilment service providers, LogistCompare offers free access and listing in our secure on-line marketplace, providing: 

  •  Access to customers looking for on-demand warehouse space. 
  •  Increased revenue from increased occupancy. 
  • Repeat business & customer loyalty. 
  • Increased visibility in the warehouse marketplace.

If any of these warehouse & fulfilment services are of interest to you, and you need more information, please Contact Us, and we will respond as soon as we can.