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LogistCompare marketplace provides online direct link to a network of warehouses and fulfillment centers in UK.

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Quickly solve your overflow issues with LogistCompare marketplace. Our warehouse network can secure the space you need. No leases, no hassle.

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Jeff Aston

As a small wine producer from Australia we were looking for some very specific logistical solutions in the UK, We were very pleased to get a better than expected solution through Serafina’s logistical networks. We would definitely recommend contacting her for any logistical solutions she exceeded our expectations.

Ranjit Longani

We are a distributor located in West London, UK specialized in bathroom products. We have approached LogistCompare as part of the offer to find suitable warehouses to match our requirements. They provided us with efficient warehouse logistics solutions at competitive costs. Serafina has shown great understanding of our logistical challenges and determination to find the right solution for us. We would love to use their services again. I would highly recommend this company.